Weekend Losers: Week 5 Style Watch

Now welcome to the Weekend Losers; where we take a look at the worst style offenders on Tour.  Two tournaments in the desert this weekend, but chilly temperatures saw the sweatervests come out in full force.  Jim Tressel was not in attendance at either venue.

Without further ado; the worst outfits of the weekend.

Waste Management Phoenix Open – Ben Crane “The Green Monster”

Ben Crane The Green Monster What Mickelson got right sporting green during the 3rd round at TPC Scottsdale, Ben Crane got so tremendously wrong.  From the off color, to the not-quite-matching shirt and slacks, it’s about as ugly as you can get.  Throw in the yellow Oakleys?  By far the worst style choice of the weekend, outside of maybe James Driscoll.

Dishonorable Mention

Both looks here from Rickie Fowler and Phil Mickelson are pretty cringe inducing; from what might be Fowler’s most garish ensemble yet, to Phil’s ribbed sweatervest, I for one am not a fan.

Jarrod Lyle, a helpful hint from your friend, under no circumstances is a bucket  cap considered acceptable on the golf course. Ever.


Commercialbank Qatar Masters – Gonzalo Fernandez-castano “The Pink Panther”Gonzalo Fernandez-castano The Pink Panther

Spaniard Gonzalo Fernandez-castano takes the prize for the absolute worst style choice of the weekend.  The pink Polo sweatervest, the popped collar (and don’t give me the Middle East sun excuse, you didn’t see any others pop n’ lockin’), it all comes across way too Bro.  I can assure you, Gonzalo is no bro.

Dishonorable Mentions

Ok, Gonzalo’s sweatervest was bad, but it’s nothing compared to the Guernica inspired mess that occupied Fredrik Andersson’s.

Sticking to the topic on hand, Peter Hanson, a shirt that fits please.

And one final note, we gave a thumbs up to Martin Kaymer but have to totally negate any goodwill we had after wearing the same shirt, but different color, on consecutive days.

Imagine what Ryan Seacrest would say.  Dear God.

Don’t forget to check out the Weekend Winners from earlier this morning.

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  1. This is great; like sitting with my wife watching Melissa and Joan on E.

    I am kind of looking forward to your commentary after the coming LPGA tournaments…

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