Ping Talks New Clubs At 2012 Sales Meeting

In a genius marketing ploy Ping opened the doors to their 2012 sales meeting to anyone that had an internet connection. Combining various social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, and a live updating stream on their website, Ping brought the sales meeting to it’s fans. Updating readers with pictures, videos, and quick overviews about each new product for the upcoming season. Quickly responding to followers questions and comments via Twitter.

A dream for any golf equipment nut, to be on the inside of those closed door meetings. The big news included unveiling their new G20 Series of golf clubs along with revamping their putter lines including the Anser and Scottsdale collection and a few new golf bags.

The G20 driver’s new design includes external weighting for better launch and distance. The most anticipated club before the meeting was the G20 driver and lucky for fans it has the soonest launch date into golf stores on August 11th. The G20 hybrid has a new shape that compressed the clubhead into a smaller more compact design. Ping’s G20 irons were created for the every type of golfer out there. As for the Anser collection they added a new set of forged wedges to compliment the Anser forged irons. Promising to be a versatile and optimized for better MOI. The Anser milled putters will be offered in 7 new models that fit with their 3 stroke types found on the iPing app. The stroke types include Straight, Slight Arc, and Strong Arc, each category refers to the degree of toe hang from the model. It helps golfers understand the type putter balance is right for them and their stroke style. The Scottsdale line got a whopping 7 new putter models added to it.

Along with displaying their new golf clubs they also showed a sneak peak of 4 new golf bags and a few new hats to top of their golf collection. The new golf bags included 3 carry and 1 cart. A newly designed Hoofer bag, with new strap system for better comfort and accessibility. The Latitude, Four Series were the additions to carry bags. Lastly the Pioneer will be their new cart bag for the season.

If you want the full recap of the meeting you can check it out here they took great notes!

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