Pebble Beach Pro-Am Open Discussion Thread

Things are already getting very interesting this morning at the Pro-Am. Charlie Wi has started his final round with a double bogey, courtesy of a 4-jack on the opening hole. He just made par on the par5 2nd. Ken Duke is at level par on the day, only a shot back. Tiger Woods is even thru 3 holes, Phil Mickelson is 1-under thru 3 thanks to a birdie on the par5 2nd. The story developing currently is Ryan Moore, who has jumped up the leaderboard early. Moore just carded his 4th consecutive birdie on the par3 5th, and is 4-under through 5 holes. He’s only 2 shots back and is currently playing the par5 6th.

Looks like there will be some drama, yet again, this Sunday on the PGA Tour.

For the live leaderboard update, click HERE.

Feel free to post your observations and comments below as you wish!



  1. Must be the dreaded blogger’s curse… Ryan Moore just took a nasty bogey on the par5 6th. He’s back to 3-under on the day and three shots back.

    Kevin Na is striking early, 3-under thru 5, only a shot back.

    Mickelson stuffs it to about 2 feet on the par3 5th, about to go to 3-under and only a shot back.

    Tiger hasn’t gotten the start he was hoping for. Looks tight. He needs to step it up.

  2. Early coverage is being aired on the Golf Channel, btw….

  3. Ken Duke just carded his first bogey on the round, +1 on the day. The final pairing is already feeling the heat, +3 combined. Tiger up ahead at the par3 5th, misses from 15 feet and has to settle for par. He now trails Mickelson by 1 shot. Mickelson looks good thus far, 3 birdies thru 5 holes.

    Looks like Phil is enjoying his round today, while Tiger seems out of sorts.

    As I’ve watched over the past three days, the key to making birdies @ PB is keeping approach shots below the hole. Tough day if you’re not hitting the target…

  4. First good swing of the day for Tiger, 3wood center-cut on the par5 6th. He HAS to make birdie here. He made par here on Saturday, needs to get something going quickly. Guys are motoring by him.

  5. Wi just bogeyed the par5 6th… So much for the “I enjoy playing with the lead” comments from Saturday evening. Then again, it’s always easy to say that when you’re in the clubhouse with the lead.

    And just like that, Phil Mickelson is tied for the lead @ 12-under.

  6. The Golf Channel’s early coverage has ended, and 30 minutes will transpire before coverage resumes on CBS @ 3:00.

    So far:

    Charlie Wi has played horribly, as many expected he would. I’m not surprised that he’s no longer leading the event, but I am surprised that he’s given back 3 shots to the field. Ken Duke hasn’t played much better, although he’s only carded one bogey through 6 holes.

    Phil Mickelson is clearly making a statement this Sunday, just EAGLING the par5 6th…. 5-under thru 6 holes, taking the lead by 2 shots.

    Tiger just got his first birdie on the day at the 6th, certainly not out of it. But he’s going to have to go out and earn it today, long gone are the days of shooting even par and watching everyone else around him fold. Looks like he’s playing with the guy who is poised to win today. The match is on.

  7. Woods just 3-putted from 16 feet on hole 7…. his Thursday thru Saturday game is much improved, but there’s not much to say about his final round performance. Putting has once again become an issue, on greens that he has historically owned throughout his career.

  8. I love college hoops, but these games running over into the golf coverage is starting to get old.

  9. I wonder if Romo’s “cannot close” disease is infecting Tiger


  10. Phil on 12 tee; yuk

  11. bad tee shot followed by a bad chip, Tiger pitches it in and then Lefty drains it from 3 miles. He is so the rightful heir to the King…

  12. Incredible comeback by PhillyMick…. gonna be hard to put Sunday’s round into words.

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