Cleveland Golf Brings Back The 588 Wedge

Apparently the new trend is golf is to open up your sales meeting and let the public know all your new clubs. I’m all for it. After Ping opened up its doors to its 2012 sales meeting Cleveland Golf thought they would do the same. Starting off the meeting stating the theme would be “Forging A Better Future”. The first club they introduced was the 588 forged wedge. Made from 1025 carbon steel for a soft solid feel and as usual for Cleveland it will come with Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milled face. True Temper made a special shaft especially for the 588 forged wedges. It’s a unique stiffness that features a less active tip, shaft promotes penetrating ball flight, increased spin and optimal distance control.

The original 588 wedge was created about 20 years ago but it’s tour-proven shape has stayed the standard for Cleveland’s wedges. This has easily been one of the best selling wedges of all time so the fact that it is coming back is a huge testament to it’s greatness. Just like the Cleveland Mashie they are bringing back favorites and updating them for todays golfer. The updated version will of course have all the bells and whistles of a forged wedge. The wedge will come in lofts between 46-64 degrees with multiple bounce and finish options including black pearl and high polish chrome. The release date of the 588 wedges is mid-November.



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